segunda-feira, setembro 26, 2005


The CMA-CGM M/V Ville D'Orion drew a lot of lookie-loo attention from folks on nearby John S. Gibson Boulevard when it sailed into the TraPac terminal in Los Angeles on FRi. March 24 with stacks of containers at its stern leaning precariously to one side.
The containers apparently pulled loose at sea after one of the bottom containers collapsed. The ship was taken to the adjacent Yang Ming Terminal to offload the damaged cans.
Final score, according to the Coast Guard, was 69 containers damaged in the incident, no containers lost overboard, no HazMat problems, and no injuries.
A barge crane and crew was brought in from Matson Construction after IWLU longshore workers reportedly refused to unload the containers because of safety concerns.
Damage to containers ranged from simple cracks to containers torn completely open.
Damage to the ship was minimal.
Attorneys & marine surveyors were also on hand to assess damage for the owners of the ship, cargo, & containers. The last of the containers was unloaded on Mar. 27 & the Ville D'Orion sailed on.
Countryman & McDaniel

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