domingo, setembro 25, 2005


At 02.30 LT, Nov. 8 on inbound leg to Zeebrugge, M/V Heinrich Behrmann had engine trouble & called help from tugs.

Weather very bad with N- NW stormy winds -- force 9 & peaks up to force 11.
Three attempts were made to secure the vessel By Tugs, but each time the tow lines snapped.
Driven by wind M/V Heinrich Behrmann grounded at the Blankenberge resort beach.
3 tugboat crew injured while trying to tow
M/V Heinrich Behrmann back to open sea.
With NW storm blowing inland, tide was higher than usual (HW at around 06.00 LT) --
-- coming less than 10 meters from seafront, so the vessel grounded very close to it.
At low tide around 12.00 LT & with a difference of about 4.5 meters between high & low tide, vessel ended up on dry land
Countryman & McDaniel

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