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Two tall coastal towers, Piedras Blancas and Pigeon Point, were constructed in the early 1870s to help light the California coast. However, between these two, distant towers, no major coastal light existed, leaving a good portion of the coast dark to mariners. The 1874 Report of the Lighthouse Board read in part: "Vessels leaving San Francisco for the south, having proceeded as far as Pigeon Point Light, take their departure for Point Sur, some 60 miles distant, the great indentation of Monterey Bay intervening. Vessels to the southward bound to San Francisco having arrived at Piedras Blancas, take their departure for Point Sur again about 60 miles distant; hence Point Sur is the most important point and should be the site of a lighthouse. In considering the various points on the California coast where lighthouses are still required Point Sur claims the place of greatest importance."

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