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The Port of Long Beach is located adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles. If you combine the number of cargo containers shipped through the two ports, they rank as the third busiest container cargo port after Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Port of Long Beach is the second busiest container seaport in the U.S., after only Los Angeles. Long Beach also comes in second after Los Angeles in another category, its lighthouse. The Long Beach Harbor Lighthouse surely must win the award for California's ugliest lighthouse. The three-story, monolithic structure was built of concrete and rests on a base of six columns. The lighthouse was designed to withstand earthquakes and seismic tidal waves. Completed in 1949, the lighthouse has never been manned, but was initially controlled remotely from the Los Angeles Harbor Lighthouse. Also called the robot light, the lighthouse replaced an earlier skeleton tower shown in the top historic photograph to the right.

If the looks of the Long Beach Harbor Lighthouse are not enough to entice a visit, there are also two attractive faux lighthouses located in Long Beach Harbor. The middle picture shown to the left is of Parkers' Lighthouse Restaurant. The bottom picture is of the Lions Lighthouse for Sight, which was made possible largely through funds raised by the local Lions Club.

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