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The Port Alberni Lighthouse is part new, part old. The square, pyramidal tower is new, constructed in the 1990s by the Port Alberni Maritime Heritage Society using generic plans. The lantern, however, is over 100 years old and came from Chrome Island on the East Coast of Vancouver Island when the Coast Guard modernized the light there. The Port Alberni Lighthouse is equipped with a beacon, which is turned on during the summer season, though it can't be left on at night because it disturbs the neighbors.

Chrome Island Lighthouse was established in 1891 at the eastern entrance to Baynes Sound, just off the southern tip of Denman Island. The first light there was situated atop the keeper’s dwelling, but a skeletal tower with an enclosed lantern room replaced it in 1922. The present concrete tower on Chrome Island was erected in 2001, and the lantern from the decommissioned skeletal tower was donated to the Port Alberni Maritime Heritage

The Port Alberni Lighthouse contains displays on the lighthouses of British Columbia and their keepers along with a variety of other material relating to the local maritime history.

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