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Godrevy Island is a small, rocky isle situated off the northern Cornish coast, near St. Ives. Godrevy Island is part of the Portreath Heritage Coast. The picturesque little island is dominated by a famous lighthouse, which was immortalised in the classic Virginia Woolf novel To the Lighthouse (the novelist got her inspiration for the story from a visit to Godrevy Island). Virginia Woolf is not the first person or indeed the first writer to be influenced and inspired by the peaceful beauty of Godrevy.

Preperation for the building of the lighthouse began in 1857. For many years cargo ships had been wrecked on the treacherous rocks and reefs along the Godrevy coast area. When a massive steamer called 'The Nile' was wrecked with the loss of all hands in 1854, the public began crying out for a lighthouse to be built at Godrevy. The permit for the lighthouse construction was passed in 1857, and local workmen worked throughout 1858 to complete the vital lighthouse.

The Godrevy light shone for the first time on March 1st 1859. Three keepers were assigned to the lighthouse- two would stay on the island, and one would stay on the mainland. The lighthouse proved its worth, functioning well for many years. Shortly before 1900 a telephone link was installed between Godrevy Island and the mainland.

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