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With over 2.6 million visitors annually, Point Reyes is a unique destination. Far more than a lighthouse situated on a Peninsula, Point Reyes is a distinctive park that was established by President John F. Kennedy in 1962.
Point Reyes is the foggiest area known in California and therefore has an uncommonly low light structure. The light was located at the bottom of the cliff near the water, making it visible for seamen navigating through the fog and along the coast in a rough storm.
The Lighthouse Visitor Center, located on the west side of Point Reyes peninsula, gives visitors information on the structure started in 1855 and erected in 1870 and lifesaving services performed during the 125 years it was utilized as a navigational guide. Visitors beware, there are more than 300 steps in a steep descent to the lighthouse and the only way you can get out is the way you got in, by walking!
The long, scenic drive to the museum makes the structure feel extremely distant from the San Francisco bay. Over 140 miles of hiking trails, backcountry camping, nearby RV camping and bed and breakfast inns in close proximity offer a multitude of activities for visitors looking to spend a day on the peninsula or possibly even a weekend.
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