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In 1860 the first lighthouse was completed, 238 meters (816 feet) above sea level.
In 1913 the construction of a second lighthouse on Dias Point began, about 87 meters (286 feet) above sea level.
It was first lit at sunset on 11 March 1919.

Only the base remains of the original lighthouse which was an iron tower erected to the highest point. It had a candle power of 2000, it consisted of 16 metallic silvered reflectors providing a white flash light, of 12 second duration, once every minute.
It now serves as a tourist destination and lookout point. The old lighthouse served for fifty years, but because of the height above sea level it was often enveloped in mist and cloud.
A new lighthouse was decided upon after the Portuguese luxury liner, Lusitania, foundered on Bellows Rock in 1911.

The newer lighthouse is a 9 meter square masonry tower, fitted with a subsidiary red sector light.
It is equipped with a radio beacon and mutual diesel. It has group flashing, three flashes every 30 seconds.
It's light is revolving-electric and it's candlepower is approximately 10 000 000 C.D.
The range of the candle power is 34 sea miles.
The lighthouse was electrified in 1936.
The new lighthouse can not be seen from viewpoint because of the shape of the land at the upper station but there is a delightful walk to it.
Sunset Beach House

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