terça-feira, agosto 29, 2006


Photo Franz

Jeanie Johnston is manned and certified in accordance with international and Irish Department of the Marine regulations.
There are 11 experienced professional crew aboard at all times.
The balance of 29 are sail-trainee crewmembers who sign on as crew aboard the sail training vessel and learn how to sail a square rigged vessel as was done in the mid-nineteenth century.

Jeanie Johnston is a traditional 3-masted barque and our passage planning is based on an average speed of 5 knots (though she will often exceed that), Jeanie also has two Caterpillar propulsion engines and two fixed pitch propellers that can be used for safety reasons, for coming in and out of port or, in the case of adverse weather conditions, to keep our schedule.

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Maria disse...

A consultar um blog amigo dei de caras com este.
Vai ter de certeza a minha visita regular, para não dizer diária.
Porque gosto do mar, porque gosto destas fotos, porque gosto de faróis.
Porque sim!
Parabéns e continuação de bom trabalho para que nos possamos deleitar...