segunda-feira, maio 01, 2006


The Cape George Lighthouse is situated in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia at Cape George Point which overlooks the waters of St. George’s Bay.
The present lighthouse was built in 1968 and it is the third lighthouse built on this site. It stands approximately 360 feet above the bay and both Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island are visible with a clear horizon.
Built in 1861 and set on top of a wooden house, the first light was destroyed by fire in 1907. A second lighthouse and keeper’s homestead complete with some farm and a vegetable garden was constructed in 1908.
The 1908 lighthouse was rebuilt in 1968 and it is this white, concrete octagonal structure and red octagonal lantern which stands on this site today.
This lighthouse is one of the structural features on the Cape George route, also known locally as the "mini Cabot trail".

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