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The first lighthouse in Norway was established here on February 27, 1656, consisting of 30 tallow candles in the upper floor of a three-floor tower. The light was closed after only a few months. In 1725, two lighthouses were built: one on Neset at Lindesnes and the other on Markøy about two nautical miles to the northwest. In 1822 a new lighthouse was built with a light that was fueled by gas. In 1854 a new lighthouse equipped with a Fresnel lens was built. Fortifications from World War 2 are preserved at the site.
The entire complex is located within a nature reserve and recreation area. One of the lighthouse keepers, Rolf Dybvik, has a gallery just below the lighthouse and sells his watercolor paintings of the South Norwegian landscape.

Tower Height: 53
Height of Focal Plane: 164
Description of Tower: White conical tower with red lantern.
This light is operational
Other Buildings?Two dwellings, engine house, barn, boathouse.
Date Established: 1656
Date Present Tower Built: 1915
Current Use: Active aid to navigation.
Open To Public? Yes.
Keepers: Olaus Blekum (c. 1880s), Rolf Dybvik (?)
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