quarta-feira, setembro 14, 2005


Berths 57/58/59 ($85 Million) –The Tiburon Group provided Scheduling Support services to the Construction Manager on the Port of Oakland’s fast paced, multi-prime contract wharf and utility project which required the closing of the Golden Gate and Oakland Bay Bridges on two recent occasions to permit the delivery of the eight massive new cranes required for the project.
This challenging project involved the construction of a 3,600-foot long wharf, yard improvements for an 18-acre container terminal, and associated administrative and maintenance buildings at Berths 57,58 and 59. The project featured a rock dike, cement deep soil mixing, storm drainage system relocation of electrical and mechanical utility systems.
Thousands of feet of concrete piling, a new 15-inch forced main horizontally drilled under the Oakland estuary, major utility relocations, thousand of feet of new pipelines, grout injection soil stabilization, and the installation of thousands of yards of structural concrete were performed in the construction of this project.
Also as part of the project was the fast paced construction of a new design build contaminated ground water treatment plant and collection system.
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