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Flag: Russia
Rig: Full-rigged ship
Homeport: Vladivostok, Russia
Normal cruising waters: Worldwide
Sparred length: 356' 4"
Draft: 22' 4"
Beam: 45' 9"
Hull: Steel
Pallada is the fifth ship of the Dar Mlodziezy-class built in Poland during the 1980’s. Unlike her white- hulled sisters, Pallada has a black hull with false gunports and resembles the great Russian Barque Kruzenshtern. She is named for the Greek goddess Pallas Athena. She is owned by Dalryba, a conglomerate of fishing companies, and offers sail training to foreign marine-college cadets. Though her homeport is in Vladivostok, which is on the far eastern coast of Russia, Pallada voyages widely. She visited the West Coast of the United States in 1989 and Europe in 1991; participated in the European Columbus Regatta in 1992; completed a circumnavigation to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Russian navy in 1996; and sailed in the 1997 Hong Kong to Osaka race.
Pallada sails with a compliment of 143 cadets and a permanent crew of 56 officers, teachers, and professionals. With twenty-six sails and masts soaring 162 feet above the deck, Pallada combines traditional sail training with a modern maritime college curriculum.
Who sails: Marine-college cadets
Program type: Sail training and sea education for marine-college cadets
Season: Year-round
Designer: Zygmunt Choren
Built: 1989: Gdansk, Poland
Crew: 56 Trainees-passengers: 143
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